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What is Business Automation all about?

Business automation is also known as Business Process Automation(BPA). It is simply the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. However, business process automation is quite different from business process management which is a larger discipline that involves the use of different methodologies to manage complex organization-wide processes. 

Business process automation is often achieved through business automation tools or software and this results in greater productivity, better customer service, increased efficiency, improved accuracy, improved job satisfaction, etc.

Examples of business process automation include;

Employee Onboarding:

Hiring employees may seem to be a simple task but it involves multiple tasks such as filing employee information, collecting relevant documents, setting up accounts, etc. Without automation, the entire process can be appalling. Endless paper works, missing out on some tasks, low productivity, etc. 

Applying business process automation will ensure smooth transitions from one task to the other.

Purchase Order:

This is a recurring task in most organizations where the requesting team fills out a form and sends it to the purchasing team. The approving authorities then examine the request and reject the request in case information is inadequate or if there are budgetary constraints. It is then sent back to the requesting team If approved, a purchase order is created and copies are sent to the suppliers as well as the inventory team.

Without automation, it could result in delayed PO approval, impacted productivity, incomplete records, etc.

Business process automation can help improve transparency, and accountability and enable accurate data recording, which can be accessed when needed. It makes execution easier and faster.

Why should you automate business processes?

Below are some key facts why you should consider automating your business processes;

Streamline Processes:

One of the great outcomes of a process automation system is streamlined processes. Clear accountability, customizable notifications, valuable insights, and faster turnaround times make it easier to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on enhancing tasks that add value.

Standardized Operation:

Once your business is automated you can expect consistent standard outcomes at all times which shows your business is reliable and that helps increase your customer base.

Increase customer relationship:

Having an automated business helps increase customer satisfaction even beyond expectations. There is a probability that customers will develop a preference for your business or services.

Benefits of the business automation process

Increased Productivity:

It also allows for the elimination of excess labor costs, since it is easy to optimize the work of the employees. The correct automation of processes allows full use of technology to optimize the service provided and the costs of the organization.

Reduce Error:

The chances of making mistakes decrease dramatically when processes are automated. The following procedures are known to the employee and it turns out to be easier for him to perform his job correctly. Consistently executed processes always ensure the best results.

Reduce task execution time:

The tasks performed manually take much longer time than those that can be performed by software, and this is one of the main advantages of automating processes for companies. An automated system will allow a given task to be scheduled once and from then on it will be repeated accurately and effectively, consuming less time and eliminating the likelihood of error.

Reduce the cost of operation:

Automation generates a lot of savings in that it eliminates errors, reduces the time to perform a certain task, and reduces the need for a large number of employees to perform the same function. Correct automation allows you to easily identify inefficiency and delays, which can be corrected immediately.

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