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Are you thinking of acquiring IT skills in 2021?  Are you fascinated by the idea of working remotely at your own pace and fee charges?


Let me walk you through the most essential steps you need to take to land you your first IT job in 2021. Roll-off your sleeves and let’s get started.


There are basically lots of IT skills out there but for the purpose of this writing, we’ll consider those who would like to take short-term skills that will land them jobs as quickly as possible. Without further due, let’s jump right in.


Microsoft Office Suits: Microsoft office suits consists of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, Access, etc. The knowledge of these packages is widely needed in every organization to keep their day-to-day task running. MS Word is basically used for typing and other important documentation. Excel is used to keep records, in companies it can be used to keep the record of products produced per day or products sold per day. Excel can also be used in calculations. Presentation (PowerPoint) can be used to design beautiful company presentations. MS Acess is used to store data such as employees name, phone number, sex etc.  Learning these skills in a few weeks can land you a good job in 2021.


Digital Marketing: This is another skill that offers you the opportunity to work remotely. This requires you to get to know how to help companies market their products online using social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc by running ads and campaigns. With this knowledge, you can manage a company’s social media handles where you help draw traffics to their websites. This knowledge is highly in demand and it can land you your first job in 2021 with just a few weeks dedicated to learning this skill.


Graphic Design: Graphic designs have now become an important marketing tool for big companies and the knowledge is highly in demand. Acquiring the knowledge of designing beautiful graphics that visually explains the services a company offers is significant to land you a job in 2021 as a graphic designer. Dedicate just a few weeks to learn this skill and you’ll well appreciate me when landed your first job.


Web Development: The challenges the economy faces in our world today due to COVID-19 has forced many enterprises to go virtually(i.e online) hence, a developer is always needed to develop a fully functioning website that meets their business needs. It could be an e-commerce website, a business website etc. Therefore, the knowledge of web development will definitely land you a good job in 2021.


Mobile App Development: In our world today almost everyone has a smartphone. This smartphone comes with lots of mobile apps. Companies have taken these steps to get them closer to their customers by developing a fully functioning mobile app for their business. It could be a mobile banking app, e-commerce app, business app etc. The knowledge of mobile app development is highly in demand today hence, diving in to acquire this skill will definitely land you a job in 2021.


The above skills are highly needed today and designed great courses that suit this article. The courses will take you from the ground up. We consider you as someone who has no knowledge whatsoever about these courses and so these courses will take you from being an absolute beginner to become a professional. Trust me, these are the courses that will teach you everything you need to know to land you your dream job in 2021. What are you waiting for? Sign Up today! 



Idoma Ngbede


Idoma Ngbede

I am Idoma Ngbede, a junior developer with a good knowledge of JavaScript and Python. I am also a content writer.

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