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Welcome to CreativeMansion Digital Enterprise - Web Design Nigeria | Digital Marketing | Branding.

How to Secure a Website & Protect It from Hackers

What is web security and how can this benefit your online business?

Web Security also known as cybersecurity is a system of protective measures and protocols put in place primarily to protect your website or web application from being hacked or breached by unauthorized personnel. This is actually vital to the protection of websites, web applications, and web services. In fact, anything that is applied over the internet should have some form of protection.

Why is this vital to your small business?

Thinks of websites and web applications as physical homes and stores that are prone to security breaches. As homes and stores are prone to security breaches so are websites and web applications. Unfortunately, lots of cybercrime happens every day and great web security measures are needed to secure websites and web applications from being hacked. That’s exactly what web security does and so it is important for you to secure your website.

What are the processes to achieve this?

There are profound processes that must be followed in order to secure your website. These includes:

  • Following the standards at all times. There are a variety of security standards that must be followed at all times and they are highlighted by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). The most experienced web developers from top cybersecurity companies follow the standards of the OWASP as well as keep a close eye on the Web Hacking Incident Database to see when, how, and why different people are hacking different websites and online services so as to provide better web security measures.
  • Applying up-to-date encryption.
  • Setting proper authentication.
  • Continuously patching discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Use secure software development practices so as to avoid data theft.
  • Use a holistic security strategy

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